Glazing Solutions for Commercial Car Showrooms

In luxury car showrooms minimal glazing with high clarity is essential

IQ has developed a glazing system specifically led and focused on car showrooms. In these environments, large glass facades and fronts are key in allowing passing potential customers to see clearly into the showroom space. Therefore minimal framing, transparency and clarity of glass are hugely important factors to consider.

With that in mind, IQ can offer a few technical glass solutions for the architectural glazing elements in a Showroom environment, to ensure the cars are displayed in all their magnificence.



Non-reflective coatings for Luxury Car Showrooms

Non-reflective coatings can be applied to glass to reduce glare from its surface. In passing you would want customers to have a clear view of what is inside the showroom without reflections that detract from the car’s appearance, offering a clear view of the products on sale. Using a non-reflective coating can reduce the residual reflection to less than 1% whilst maintaining up to 98% light transmission.


Low Iron Glass for Ultimate Clarity 

Standard glass is not completely clear and has a very slight green tint caused by iron oxide. Glass can be specially manufactured using ingredients with naturally low iron content to achieve unprecedented clarity and transparency. This eliminates the ‘green tint’ from the glass and is used in places where ‘invisible glazing’ is required. This will ensure the cars are viewed clearly as they would be from inside the showroom.


Frameless Detailing for a Minimal Design 


With a luxury car showroom, the cars need to be the star. Everything else around s designed to highlight and enhance the stunning design of these high-end vehicles. Natural light has been shown to highlight luxury interior design elements and this also applies to the cars on display.

IQ is well versed and experienced in producing and designing very minimal high-end frameless finishes across all applications. Creative glazing design and modern glass technological advances allow IQ engineers to design glazing for showrooms which have minimal framing. These designs maximise the amount of glass to offer uninterrupted clear views of the vehicles on display.


Heated Glass for Warmth and Condensation Relief 

Heated Glass can be used to create heated sliding glass doors, heated sliding glass walls and more. These systems can be designed in large, minimally framed glass panels and used to heat the internal space with radiant heat to ensure that the showroom area is kept comfortable and would encourage visitors to remain for longer periods of time. It also has the added benefit of stopping any condensation build-up on the glass on wet days, keeping the glass clear.

The team at IQ use modern innovative design to produce avant-garde glazing solutions that are unique to each project. This type of architectural glazing can ensure that your showroom stands out from competitors.

We encourage motor dealers and their showroom designers to consult with IQ Glass UK and explore the possibilities of design to maximise the effect your cars in your showroom have. 


automated sliding door for luxury car showrooms

UV Protection Glass For Commercial Car Showrooms

UV fading is quite common in highly glazed areas and can affect many aspects of luxury cars with the main one being fading the paint. The best way to prevent UV fading is to make sure the bespoke glazing for your luxury car showroom is specified with either a PVB or SGP interlayer. 

Using a PVB or SGP interlayer within the laminated glass for luxury car showrooms can block almost all of the UV radiation, preventing any fading of your interior. These interlayers can also block up to 99.9% of the UV rays that try to pass through the glazing, meaning you are essentially blocking out all UV rays.


Vertical Sash Windows for Car Showrooms 

If you are looking for a more bespoke and unusual glazing solution for your commercial car showroom, a vertical sliding sash window may be the answer. Vertical sash windows can be specified to have a flush threshold to ensure that there are no interruptions in the joinery between the internal and external spaces.


Flush threshold detailing means that the luxury cars can be driven in and out of the showroom with ease and with no risk of damage to the car of wheels, whether your using a vertical sash window of sliding door. This also makes space easily accessible for wheelchair users

IQ’s vertical sash windows have minimal sightlines and complement various other glazing solutions, having a flush base threshold allows cars to easily drive over it without any damage to the wheels or body of the cars.

This is the ideal solution for a commercial car showroom that has a double height space as the system is able to reach incredible sizes whilst maintaining a minimal design.

If you would like to see an oversized vertical sash window in a real-life situation, the newly renovated IQ showroom is now home to an automated, double-height vertical sliding sash window. The system reaches 6.5m tall, is easily operated with the push of a button and can easily be driven ou in luxury cars (as seen above!).


For more information about glazing in commercial car showrooms, contact the IQ team today.

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