minimal windows® Slim Sliding Door is PAS 24 Certified!

The ultra-slim minimal windows® Sliding Door is now PAS 24 certified, proving it is a high security sliding door system

high security performance slim sliding glass door in a multi unit residential When it comes to specifying high security sliding glass doors for non-residential projects, this can be difficult as many systems in the UK with a PAS 24 certification were tested as windows, not doors.  

The minimal windows® sliding glass door is a unique system which previously only had the European Standard security rating (WK2 / RC2) because the framing profiles are manufactured in Luxembourg.  

Due to the popularity of this slim sliding door in the UK, the system has now undergone testing for PAS 24, passing of course. This allows the systems to be used on a wider range of projects including new build residential developments where the requirements for glazing in the flats or apartments may be stricter.  


new build multi residential project in London with pas 24 sliding glass door

These high security sliding glass doors have already been specified on a wide range of residential development projects such as Rosemoor Studios, a luxury residential development in London, where the frames were finished in a bespoke anodized bronze finish, resulting in a stunning rose gold toned colour.  

Another great example is Great Newport Street, where sliding doors were used in all of the apartments in this luxury residential building, including large minimal windows® sliding glass doors being used in the communal areas. 

PAS 24 is the most widely recognised security rating for glazing in the UK, however, few sliding doors have this as many are tested as windows due to the lower requirements making the test easier to pass. 

This certification along with the outstanding weather and acoustic performance values makes the minimal windows® Sliding Door the ideal choice for any residential or commercial building, especially for luxury apartment blocks.  

two pane pas 24 high security security slim sliding glass door

When a window or door system is tested for PAS 24, the system is tested as a whole to ensure the entire system meets the high security requirements. The minimal windows® Sliding Door was tested in a two-pane configuration, with one pane sliding over one fixed.

Toughened glass was used, as with all of our glazing systems, and this was bonded into the aluminium framing profiles. A type 4 manual internal key lock was used for the test. 

This important development offers architects the option to include high security, PAS 24 certified, slim sliding glass doors in their projects all around the UK. The PAS 24:2016 certification is available upon request. 

IQ have been working as professional commercial glazing contractors for over 15 years. With the IQ headquarters being based just outside of London, the majority of our specialist commercial glazing projects have been in South East England, although over the last few years IQ’s work around the UK has broadened.

Now with multiple regional offices, we have the capacity to work throughout the UK; working in all areas of non-residential, including offices, hotels, restaurants, churches, schools and more.

For more information on specifying this high performance slim sliding door for your next project, contact the IQ team today at or 01494 722880.

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