Reinterpretation of the traditional bow window

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Curvaceous windows protrude from the facade of Castle Lane

Castle Lane, a high-end Westminster residential block “reinterprets the traditional bay window”, states the Architects Journal. The £52.6 million residential development, designed in collaboration with RARE, DROO and Name architecture, features distinctive curved glazing. The VI Castle Lane apartment building has a light-toned brick facade and incorporates curved structural glass windows. Set within a Conservation Area this boutique residential development responds in a contemporary manner to the architectural styles within the area.

High End Luxury Apartment Building, Westminster London

The residential development comprises just under 20 flats and three townhouses which are arranged in two separate blocks that face adjoining streets. The architects worked with IQ Projects to design a curved glass window design that used large structural glass panes with tightly curved ends. These protruding curved windows ripple-like waves across the facade of the building to create a unique aesthetic to the surrounding architecture.

Traditional Bow Windows to High End Apartment Block in Westminster

These curved windows are framed in steel, these steel elements form a clear outline of the top and bottom of each window and also the ceiling and floor of each apartment. The steelwork supports the curve of the window as it protrudes outwards providing the occupants with extra floor space.

The architects, working with IQ Projects reinterpreted the traditional bow window by utilising large fixed glass panes. These large panes of glass allow an abundance of light into the apartments as they have a greater glass surface area then linear windows; they also catch the light from different angles.

Curved Glass Windows to a Luxury Apartment Block in Westminster

These modern bow windows can be wrapped around the corner of a building, forming a unique aesthetic to the external facade. Not only do they look attractive, but they also offer the occupants a panoramic view of the surrounding area from various angles.

Photography: NAARO

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