Rhodes Trust Features in AJ Online

Vast structural glazing to form a glass box.

Rhodes Trust is an educational charity based in Oxford which offers Scholarships to the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom. The expansive project has recently featured in the AJ online newsletter for its architectural brilliance.

rhoads house glass box extension The Grade II listed building had a vast extension planned, which would create a large glass box used as an entrance and social space. The glass box has been constructed using IQ’s Invisio structural glazing, which has allowed for singular glass panes to be over 4 meters tall.

The architects had a large focus on improving the flow of the building, which led to them pinpointing the bespoke spiral staircase which transports visitors towards the top of the existing building. The contrast between the modern glass box and the rough stone staircase ensures that the remaining building is not over-modernized and retains its heritage.

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