The Gem Shortlisted in GGP Installer Awards 2022

One of the great projects, The Gem has been shortlisted in the GGP Installer Awards 2022. The IQ Project commercial project’s category is ‘Best Commercial Installation’.

A bespoke glazing design and 3D models were created for The Gem, a Manchester-based commercial glazing project. The steel framework was chosen rather than aluminium for steel’s strength and ability to work on smaller details of the unique architectural glass design. The grand entrance was featured with faceted structural glass, polished stainless steel and oak veneer supplied from another company. The glazing systems were used to maximise the amount of natural light.

award winning glazing - commercial project shortlisted for installer awards 2022Due to the requirement of bespoke design, IQ Project has managed the design and testing process to complete the gem. The Schuco system was chosen to cut large structures in a specific shape and each piece was connected to create a unique shape. All the pieces of the glass façade had a specific number and were installed individually by the installation team. The bespoke glass façade was created an amazing natural light effect in every spot of the inside of the building.

MARS modern automated sliding rooflight also has been shortlisted for ‘Best Technical Innovation’ in the awards. The rooflight system was designed by IQ Glass and can be manufactured in bespoke unique shapes with only a few limitations like size, shape, and structure.


The GGP Installer Awards winners will be announced on 10th of March. If you would like to contact our experienced team, get in touch today.

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