Incorporating Apricity in Hospitality Architecture

What are the benefits of apricity and how can you incorporate this emerging trend?

The definition of apricity is the warmth of the sun in winter, it refers to the feeling of the sun on your skin throughout the colder months. For years, commercial architecture has focused on humans’ need to be in tune with the sun’s natural circadian rhythm and the exposure to natural light that enables this.

saville row glass box extension as a dedicated wellness space in an officeHighly glazed architectural designs are preferable for a number of reasons, bringing heaps of advantages including enhanced general wellbeing and better productivity levels. Because of this, modern office designs as well as the hospitality industry now strive to incorporate natural elements in their interior design as well as high levels of natural light.

In typical UK climates, outdoor seating and dining areas are almost completely redundant throughout the winter months, unless they invest in external heating systems. Heating solutions can be costly, as well as taking up valuable space in the design of the layout that could be utilised in other ways to gain more profit, such as more tables in a restaurant environment.

Art deco steel glass walls to light filled restaurantGlass box extensions, or highly glazed building designs, can be utilised in restaurant and bar areas to create an indoor-outdoor style of dining. Thanks to the latest advances in glazing design, the concept of incorporating apricity in this sector goes far beyond the sheltered roof systems that were previously used to offer shelter from the elements. Instead of offering an awning style covering for diners, full glass buildings are preferred to enjoy the outdoors.

IQ’s advanced structural glazing system, Invisio, has been developed to offer the most minimal glass structures with fully thermally broken properties. This allows us to design glass walls, roofs and floors that are unrestricted in size or shape and unparalleled in terms of thermal performance. Utilising structural glazing to create modern dining areas gives diners the opportunity to strengthen their connection to nature whilst enjoying comfortable living temperatures without the risk of getting cold or wet if the weather changes.

Slim sliding glass doors and large sliding rooflight to modern restaurant

If a glass installation is south facing, or benefits from a lot of sun solar control coatings can be utilised on the glass. This technical solution reduces solar gain, eliminating the risk of overheated spaces, without blocking the light transmission that creates apricity.

In recent times, where humans have spent significantly more time indoors than ever before, it is important for the hospitality industry to consider the connection to the outside. Once a sense of normality resumes, people will prefer to dine and drink in places that allow them to feel free. Restaurants, hotels and bars can drive growth and welcome customers by offering the possibility of apricity through glazing.

Especially important in pubs and bar settings, apricity can be achieved through oversized glazing. Whether this is entire walls of frameless glass or frameless picture windows, customers will best enjoy the warmth of the sun throughout the winter months if the designs are frameless or very minimal.

For more information or to speak to one of the experts about apricity in your commercial design, contact us. We will endeavour to assist with specification, design and ensuring any specific performance requirements are met.

natural light infogrpahic explaining how natural light has mental and physical benefits

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