What are the advantages of using internal glass doors in office spaces?

How to use internal glass in office designs

Using glass for internal office spaces creates bright and innovative working spaces for staff to feel more inspired and uplifted. Internal glass doors and walls provide offices with a refreshing change of style compared to traditional walls that block out natural light and make the work spaces feel smaller and segregated.

Glass elements within interior designs of offices have become increasingly popular among both architects and interior designers who are aware of the health and wellbeing benefits associated with light, open and accessible work environments. Here are some of the main benefits of using glass in office design:

Internal glass doors allow light to flow freely throughout divided spaces

Contemporary office meeting room with industry steel look internal glass doorFor many years, work spaces have been designed using solid doors and walls to create separated rooms for different departments and meeting rooms, resulting in overly compartmentalised spaces sometimes without any natural daylight.

The use of glass in office spaces, such as frameless sliding glass doors, glass room dividers and glass pivot doors, has created working environments that are filled with natural light. This technique has grown in interior design over the years and we are now seeing office designs that pride themselves in allowing light to flow throughout the whole building.

Frameless glass room partitions allow for spaces to be zoned off for privacy and a reduction in noise which contributes towards a brighter, more enjoyable working environment. Glass office partitions are available with a range of modern glass technologies including switchable privacy glass, decorative glass or fluted glass. These modern office partitions can be designed completely frameless or they can have a steel frame for a more industrial style interior design.

Steel framed office partitions with fluted glass at Ropemaker Street

Contemporary office space with fluted glass partitionFluted glass, often know as reeded glass was used in the steel framed office partitions installed to Ropemaker Street, a commercial glazing project designed by Basha Frankling Architects. The aim of this project was to create a vibrant working environment filled with large areas of glazing to create light-filled workspaces.

IQ Projects installed steel framed room dividers and walls to this contemporary office space. Large fixed screens were also installed to meeting rooms which provided privacy while allowing natural light to penetrate the hallways. Within these office screens IQ Projects installed fluted glass in between each criss crossing steel section to add privacy to the meeting rooms. Fluted glass is perfect for this type of application as the glass provides a slight distortion of vision but does not obstruct the level of natural light that can pass through.

How can interior sliding doors be used in office spaces?

Modern office space with interior glass wallIQ Projects have a range of internal sliding doors to suit any interior design scheme. Unlike traditional office doors (usually solid wood doors) internal sliding glass doors paired with fixed glass screens establish well curated, sophisticated spatial divisions. Sliding doors are an efficient method of optimising space as they don’t require additional room for opening, which results in a greater use of space.

Sliding glass doors in offices creates a natural flow of movement from one room to the next. This spatial design gives the staff a positive feeling during their working days as they feel a greater connection to the wider teams.


Improving communication in offices with internal glass systems

Internal glass doors and architectural glass walls in offices increase communication between staff as humans generally feel less intimidated walking up to someone that they can already see. This sense of openness within offices can improve the connection between all employees by softening the barriers between each room with frameless glass partitions.

The use of internal glass systems in office spaces yields clear benefits. To see the options IQ Projects has to transform your office into a trending, vibrant and sophisticated workspace speak to a member of the team. Simply call us on 01494 722 880 or email hello@iqprojectsuk.com


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