Advantages of structural glazing

Advantages of structural glazing 

The main benefit present because of the adoption of a structural glazing feature is the abundance of natural light allowed for. An example of a feature that optimises this is a structural glass roof which holds massive benefits for both residential and non-residential developments because of the influx of natural light allowing for increased motivation making it a very valuable feature for buildings such as schools and workplaces. An example of an IQ project which optimises this development is the installation of a glass atrium and glass room at Great George Street a seven-story commercial property. IQ created a new visual identity for the redesigned building which now benefits from the influx of natural light which will massively benefit staff motivation. In addition to the allowance of large amounts of natural light to an area, the adoption of structural glazing features such as a structural glass facade creates a strong affiliation with the outdoors, because of the large range of visibility created by this feature. The adoption of architectural features such as this can be used to create an indoor-outdoor area. An example of a recent IQ project that embodies this is the spa at south lodge, which thanks to the adoption of glass facades has created an indoor-outdoor swimming area, which thanks to the structural glazing solutions maximises sunning visuals and maintains a strong affiliation with the surrounding outdoor space.  

Design options for structural glazing-structural glazing in harrogate eco home maximises light

 One of the main benefits that comes with structural glazing, is the variety of different design options that are available with structural glass to allow for varying specification to bring about numerous benefits.One of these is the adoption of Solar control glass, which is a double or tripled glazed unit with a metal oxide coating on the internal face of the external pane of glass. Using this coating is one of the easiest ways to integrate solar control into any glass structure, especially a structural glass unit. This coating is designed to allow light and vision through the glass whilst reflecting solar radiation. 

Performance of structural glazing- 

Another benefit present because of the installation of structural glazing solutions is the multitude of benefits received from the low Uw values. The most notable of which is the increased insulating performance meaning less energy expenditure on heating a building, something of which is very topical because of the cost-of-living crisis and the large current cost of energy bills, so possessing more energy efficient glass would mitigate the cost of these rising energy bills. Another benefit present from the adoption of structural glazing, is the heightened levels of acoustic performance which can be achieved. This brings about large benefits to both commercial and residential projects due to the heightened privacy and reduction of noise pollution that are achievable. Another heightened performance feature that can be achieved from structural glazing, is increased level of solar control for buildings, which enables a large reduction in the amount of glare and heightened reflection and absorption of heat, creating a much more desirable space to live in due to better regulated temperatures.   

Structural Glazing Facades- 

Structural glass facades can be the ideal glazing solution to implement, to not only allow for a multitude of natural light to enter a space, but also create a sleek striking design thanks to IQ Projects top of the range glazing. An example of a project which has used these implementations to great effect is The Gem in Manchester. This Manchester-based project included a full redesign and refurbishment of the ground floor. This space was converted into an independent café and lounge with co-working spaces, communal leisure spaces as well as private meeting rooms., IQ Projects chose to specify a steel façade system. The steel framework was chosen over aluminium in this project because of its strength as well as ability to allow for a complex design of this nature.  

Structural glazing balustrades- metal cappings on frameless structural glass balustrades

Structural glazing balustrades are a glazing solution ideal for balconies with IQ’s high performance glazing solution actin as the perfect safety, measure with the most minimal impediment of the surrounding views. An example of a project which IQ have worked on which implemented structural glazing balustrades is five luxury holiday lodges at the clifftops resort in Dorset. Each lodge has an outside terrace, accessible through slim framed sliding doors, coupled with frameless glass balustrades. The balustrades act as a safety measure, without impeding on the picturesque views, acting as the ideal, solution to any project with a balcony. 


Structural glass roofs- structural glass roof in a barn extension

 Structural glass roofs are another structural glazing implementation that can bring about numerous benefits to a space allowing for enormous intangible benefits, allowing for an abundance of natural light as well as exceptional views. An example of a projects which IQ Projects completed which implemented a structural glass roof is, the full glazing package for one of London’s leading property development Companies on Saville row. This project is located in one of the most exclusive real estate areas in the UK Mayfair. Acting as a showcase of our abilities to work on some of the most renown architectural projects in the Uk. IQ worked meticulously to provide the highest quality glazing solutions, providing a glass rooftop extension, which providing fantastic amenity space whilst offering breath-taking views across London.  


dome shaped glass atria with fire rated glass

Structural glass atrium’s – 

The specification of a glass atrium is a glazing feature that can bring about immense value to a space, with it allowing for natural light to cascade into a space but also allowing for exception sky views. However, the implementation of a structural glass atrium can be difficult with large amounts of considerations present to consider ensuring correct levels of performance. An example of a project that has included a Glass atrium is Great George Street, which is a seven-storey commercial office building in Bristol that recently underwent a refurbishment. This project included many modern and sustainable features including an all-glazed atrium. IQ Projects installed a range of architectural glazing products such as frameless fire-rated glass, glass balustrades and a structural glass box at the top of the atrium. Frameless fire-rated glazing was installed throughout the building to create tall glass façades that allow for copious of amounts of lights and heightened views of the offices. Structural Glass can be specified for several different glazing solutions of which bring about a multitude of different benefits depending on the project. If you have a project that would benefit from the market leading glazing solutions contact us at IQ Projects 

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