Architectural Glazing for Schools and Educational Buildings

The best architectural glazing solutions for schools and education building projects

IQ have worked on a number of school and educational building projects, designing and installing architectural glazing for schools, colleges and universities, to create well-lit learning environments that encourage productivity and promote general wellness. There are several factors that must be considered when planning and designing architectural glazing for schools including orientation, glass specification and any technical glass solutions that enhance the functionality. 


slim framed sliding doors for prestigious Cambridge university

Importance of Natural Light in Schools 

Within the realm of education, it can be a challenge to maintain the focus of students on a daily basis, and this challenge is made even more difficult when the building and interior design is working against the students.  

Natural light is proven to enhance productivity and reduce stress, meaning that maximising natural light in schools, colleges and universities is essential, and the easiest way to achieve this is with bespoke glazing. 

Large elevations of frameless or slim framed glazing solutions should be considered when introducing natural light into any modern school building. Architectural glazing for schools can include a variety of systems including large slim framed windows, glass roofs and bespoke glass doors.  

IQ Projects designed and installed specialist glazing for an extension in a newly commissioned project at Cedar House, part of the medical department of Liverpool University. 

Slim framed pivot doors formed part of the glazing package, with the minimal aluminium framing allowing natural light to flow into the space uninterrupted.  


Ventilation in Schools and Educational Buildings 

Now more than ever, communal spaces must be well ventilated and there are several glazing solutions that can be incorporated to enhance the ventilation. When it comes to architectural glazing in schools, ventilation can be enhanced through sliding glass doors, opening windows and even opening rooflights.  

Our Retractable Glass Roof system is ideal for creating well ventilated spaces in any building type, both residential and commercial. not only is this solution an ideal choice to increase ventilation but it can also be used to create indoor-outdoor spaces, such as a college cafeteria that can be opened up during the warmer months. 

bespoke shaped rooflight for educational setting

There are a range of automated opening rooflight systems that can be specified to enhance a school environment, from the A.R.E.S automated venting rooflight to the H.E.R.A sliding box rooflight which can be used to grant rooftop access. The electric rooflights can be installed with a range of technical integrations for enhanced functionality, including with a weather sensor that automatically closes the system if strong wind or rain is detected. 

Any moving elements can be fully automated, taking away the need for manual intervention and creating a more functional, even hygienic, school environment. Whether its oversized sliding glass doors or opening rooflights, the system can be installed as part of a BMS or simply as a standalone automated system. 


High-Security Doors for Schools and Educational Buildings  

grade two university building renovation with bespoke fire safety glass doors

Building regulations are different for school buildings and higher security standards must be followed to create safe environments for children and staff. The minimal windows® sliding door system is one of the only slim framed sliding door systems on the market that is fully PAS24 certified, making it suitable for use in any environment, including schools.  

The slim framed sliding doors can reach large sizes and can be specified in bespoke configurations, all whilst maintaining an extremely minimal design. Although PAS24 security ratings may be required for school environments, many school buildings are not required to have PAS 24 certified glazing above the ground floor and this means that a wider range of glazing for schools can be used to create contemporary architectural styles. 

When it comes to high-security doors, the Schueco systems achieve extremely high-performance ratings in all areas. When IQ were specified to design, supply and install bespoke glazing solutions for Jesus College at Cambridge University, the architects on the job need glass doors in the student bar to meet certain building regulations in terms of fire escape and safety. IQ worked closely with the architects and found the best solution to achieve this was with Schuco door systems that have electronic locking and a fire safety release.  


Roof Glazing for Schools and Educational Buildings 

roof glazing in architectural glazing for schools

As mentioned, IQ have a wide variety of roof glazing solutions, from structural glass roofs to our family of automated opening rooflight systems. This includes flat and box shaped sliding rooflights, venting rooflights and retractable glass roofs.  

IQ were recently specified for a project at the University of Birmingham where our roof glazing solutions were used to maximise natural light in the university hotel and conference centre. This included structural glazing and automated venting rooflights, all designed with solar control glass to allow natural light to enter the space without the risk of overheating. 

To ensure highly glazed spaces are functional as well as contemporary, IQ recommends solar control coatings for any South facing elevations of glass to prevent the internal space from overheating. 


bespoke glazing for large university

Structural Glazing Applications for Schools and Educational Buildings 

Structural glazing can be used to achieve bespoke engineered architectural glazing for schools, including frameless picture windows and curved glass walls. Architectural glazing is perfect for achieving well-lit, modern buildings that are flooded with light throughout the day.  

Due to the flexible nature of structural glass for schools, it can be used in a variety of ways that enhance learning environments and can be adapted to suit the requirements of each individual project. One application of structural glass that would be well suited to school buildings is clerestory windows, which can be used to create concentrated paths of light in educational settings. 


large glazing package supplied to Croydon college

Thermally Efficient Glazing for Schools and Educational Buildings 

When designing architectural glazing for schools, architects should look to surpass any performance requirements to ensure the buildings are functional for many years to come. To futureproof the building, Uw values should be discussed with your glazier at the earliest stage of the project.  

IQ can design glazing solutions for schools that meet specific requirements and can adapt any glazing solution to surpass a pre-determined performance requirement where required. 


fire rated glazing for surrey universityFire Rated Glazing for Schools and Educational Buildings 

Where fire rated glazing is required, IQ have several fire rated door solutions to meet the integrity and insulation requirements and protect the occupants in the event of a fire. Fire rated doors may be required in certain areas of a school building and glass is a great solution for maintaining light and bright internal spaces. 

IQ were specified to design and install bespoke fire rated glazing for Surrey University, including frameless fire rated doors, in the new research building, which would be home to the Future AI and Robotics in Space research facilities.

Whether you opt for oversized glazing, automated glazing solutions or floor to ceiling glass walls there are glazing solutions to suit any school building. The team at IQ are on hand to discuss architectural glazing for schools, your requirements and planned educational building projects.  

To discuss bespoke glazing or your next educational building project, contact the IQ team today.  

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