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Protecting Wildlife with this Bird-friendly glass

IQ Projects offer Bird Protection Glass for our architectural glazing projects. This is transparent patterns across the glass unit almost invisible to the human eye but provides great visibility to the birds as scientifically proven.

Did you know?

As many as 250,000 birds in the UK die every year from flying directly into windows especially, into buildings that use large structures or facades.

transparent patterns

Why do birds fly into glazing?

Although birds have a good eyesight they don’t understand the concept of reflection which means they don’t discern glass very well. A bird will look at what it thinks is a tree or sky in the distance but in actual fact is glass. The bird will fly directly towards it and hit the glazing.

This phenomenon has increased with the technological advancement of glass structures becoming clearer, more transparent and producing less distraction. the use of glass in architecture is only growing. Most people may believe it is an unusual event for a bird to die from glass collision. However, most birds that hit windows are often in fatal or critical conditions which eventually leads to death even after temporarily flying away.



How to combat this in commercial architecture?

The hazard of birds hitting into glazing can be dramatically reduced by making the glazing a lot more obvious and easily visible to the bird. Recognising the number of bird fatalities in large glass buildings, IQ offers Bird Protection Glass.

What is Bird Glass Protection?

Bird Protection Glass is an innovative and effective solution suitable for all architectural glazing. This is made with a specialist coating on the glass unit. This is transparent to the human eye while the special UV reflective coating is visible to the bird. The glass is available up to a maximum pane of 2800 x 6000mm and suitable for almost any glass structure. The appearance of the glass offers a clean design, unobstructed views and provides high levels of performance. Bird Protection Glass is available in, visible markings across the glass pane if required.

Transparent patterns on glass

“Killing two birds with one stone” in Hellebrunn Zoo

Hellebrunn Zoo in Germany harbours wildlife and animals. The owner discovered bird collision as a major concern. Silhouette stickers were often used to minimise strikes but proved ineffective and useless while particular areas of the glass were obstructed.

The zoo decided to favour Bird Protection Glass and was pleased to discover no birds had collided or hit the glazing since installation. The large glass elevations provided an unrestricted view of the animals and exhibit, this was a great success for the owner.

Large glazing architectures are increasing in numbers every year, it is crucial we are made aware of this before constructing or installing a “death trap” for these innocent birds. By installing Bird Glass protection, you can positively impact the number of bird fatalities in the UK.

Transparent patterns on glass

If you would like to find out more technical information about bird protection glass then click here.
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