Sliding Glass Doors for High Rise Buildings

Which sliding doors are suitable for high rise buildings?

When it comes to specifying sliding glass doors for high rise buildings, such as the top floors of residential apartment blocks or modern office buildings, there are many factors to consider. Two of the biggest ones are the thermal efficiency of the sliding doors and the other is the wind load, as the upper floors of these high rise buildings tend to be subjected to stronger winds. 

A study by New London Architecture (NLA) displays new statistics for the architectural design and construction of high rise or multi-storey buildings. These statistics revealed a rapid increase in the amount of these high rise buildings being designed and built over the past few years. In 2014, 45 new tall buildings were under construction, whereas in 2018 over 500 high-rises were in the pipeline for the ever-changing skyline of London.

A large portion of these buildings is within the ‘Build to Rent’ sector, reflecting the drive towards buildings designed with substantial height consisting of luxury apartments, to build maximum living spaces in a minimal area of land.

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With London’s population continuing to increase and the demand for new homes rising, well thought out and beautifully designed properties within high-rise buildings built in the right location are part of the solution. By using expertly managed construction techniques and high-quality design, residences within these buildings can be spacious, bright and open-plan.

With new advancements of glazing products, these luxury city apartments can benefit from balcony access, Juliet balconies or roof terrace access. With now even slimmer frame profiles, these contemporary properties can enjoy panoramic views across the cityscape by specifying sliding glass doors for high rise buildings.

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Can sliding doors be used on high rise buildings?

Some may think that sliding glass doors for high rise buildings aren’t suitable for these tall buildings, however, the slim frames and high weather resistance testing (including impressive wind load resistance), make the minimal windows sliding door is one of the few sliding door systems that can be used at these higher levels.

This sliding aluminium system has been tested with winds up to 206 km/h and air pressures of 2000 Pa for use on the top levels of these residential towers.

The minimal windows Sliding Door is now also PAS 24 certified, making it the perfect option for any type of residential development where high security sliding glass doors for high rise buildings are needed.  

Some projects from IQ that feature sliding door systems include Tontine Street, Great Newport Street and Old Brewery Mews, showcasing the dramatic aesthetic difference the use of specialist sliding door systems can make on both the internal and external architectural design to these high-rise residential building projects.


Triple Glazed Sliding Glass Doors for High Rise Buildings

The minimal windows 4+ which is a triple glazed sliding door system is an excellent choice when it comes to sliding glass doors for high rise buildings as this system had undergone and passed hurricane testing. 

Hurricane resistant sliding glass doors for high rise buildings are ideal as the system underwent cyclic wind pressure loading tested to 3510Pa in accordance with TAS 203. This type of sliding door for high rise buildings is ideal as this means it is easily able to withstand high wind loads often experienced at that height. 

Triple glazed sliding doors also have higher levels of thermal efficiency and security (even though it’s unlikely someone would try to break into a top floor flat from the outside!) to help maintain a comfortable living temperature and provide peace of mind. 


For more information and technical advice about using slim framed sliding door systems on high rise buildings, contact the IQ team today at or call 01494 722880.

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