The Best Commercial Glazing Projects in the South West

IQ’s bespoke glazing solutions are applied to various commercial properties in south west England

Commercial Glazing Projects In The South West By IQ

IQ’s dedicated team have worked on a wide variety of commercial glazing projects in the south west, from Cornwall to Bath to Bristol, using varied glazing solutions to enhance educational, commercial and leisure commercial design.

Three of our recent projects use IQ’s bespoke glazing solutions, in varying sectors of commercial projects, The Newt in Somerset, Clifftops lodges and Sherborne girls School.

large frameless picture window on hotel

Luxury Commercial Glazing for Holiday Park Lodges on the Isle of Portland

Using bespoke glazing for hotels and leisure settings appeals to the constantly developing modern and traditional hospitality design, solutions that can transform the existing appearance as well as contribute to the practicality of the new space, such as incorporating opening elements.

In the serine cliffsides of Dorset are a collection of five luxury holiday lodges which have been designed to overlook the English Channel, bespoke glazing solutions were specified to optimize the views of the beautiful Jurassic Coastline. The rustic holiday homes are positioned between two heritage-listed buildings on the UNESCO-protected land on the Isle of Portland, England.

This biophilic, luxury holiday resort design in the south west uses minimally framed sliding doors and structural glazing solutions to deliver clear and unobstructed views of the sea, with the ultra-slim sightlines of the sliding glass doors achieving this with ease.

large bespoke sliding commercial doors

The Slim framed sliding doors with triple glazing were applied to the various holiday lodges, achieving exceptional thermal performances to provide comfortable living temperatures for guests all year round. IQ utilized Invisio, our in house developed commercial glazing systems, to grant uninterrupted views of the coastline from within the lodges. Invisio+ was developed and used here to allow triple glazed units to maintain the most minimal, frameless finish.

Due to the location, it was important for the bespoke glazing solutions to be specified with a marine-grade finish, as well as using triple glazing to ensure the properties can withstand the harsh coastal environments. The performance of the glazing systems was very important, to allow enough natural light and ventilation to enter the lodges. Slim framed sliding doors were chosen to grant access to the private terraced areas, creating an exterior view of the panoramic coastline.

 Fully Glazed Façade Design for Girls School in Dorset

Sherborne girl school, located in Dorset, created a dedicated arts center within the school to expand the student’s quality of education, using glass to enhance general wellness as well as productivity, perfect for educational settings like this one.

The architects specified several systems from IQ, to maximize and improve the natural light whilst managing sunlight. Oversized structural glazing creates a fully glazed façade design on one elevation of the Sherborne Arts Center. Within the building, multiple access points were created to allow teachers, students, and visitors to access the Arts Center from different points. This includes a set of slim framed sliding doors, boasting the ability to merge indoor and outdoor areas when the weather permits, as well as offering high levels of ventilation.

This commercial glazing system is exclusive to IQ in the UK and has a vertical sightline of only 21mm. Due to the minimal sightlines, the bespoke glazing solutions do not obstruct the surrounding views or the flow of natural light. These minimally framed sliding doors help to promote the mental and physical benefits that natural lighting creates in educational settings, the walls of glass can be moved to the side to create an open aperture for the students to enjoy the fresh air and ensure adequate ventilation, which is an important factor for any educational communal space.

Oversized Glazing Museum Project in Somerset

Award winning, Hadspen House in Somerset is a historic estate with breathtaking landscapes which has been transformed into ‘The Newt’, a luxury  large oevrsized automated slim sliding doorshotel, spa resort and newly designed museum in Somerset.

The Story of Gardening Museum specified IQ oversized glass facades to complement the surrounding elements and architecture. A frameless glass façade were installed from ceiling to floor to conceal descending heights and complement the height of the building as it cascades into the surrounding terrain.

Reaching a height of nearly 5m tall, the frameless glass façade allows for the illusion of an uninterrupted eyeline that did not distract from the natural surroundings. Oversized, minimally framed sliding doors offer ease of access, especially as it uses full automation with a specialised base motor and sensor operation for smooth contact-free access. 

Our dedicated South West architectural glazing team are based in Taunton, on hand to discuss your commercial glazing projects in the South West region. The team offers complete support at all stages of an architectural project or development; from specification advice and guidance to project management and post-contract support.

IQ now have a dedicated South West Reginal Office based in Taunton, to assist with commercial glazing projects in the South West of England. To discuss bespoke glazing for hotels for your next hospitality project, contact the team today.  

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