Bespoke Glazing for Hotels and Resorts in South West England

An insight into projects where IQ have provided bespoke glazing for hotels and resorts in the South West

In the increasingly competitive market of hospitality, luxury hotels and resorts face finding ways to provide the highest-quality experience possible for their guests through extravagant design features. Frameless glass walls and large glass facades in hotels have become one of the most popular commercial design trends to achieve a luxurious and relaxing environment for the users of the space.  

Using bespoke glazing for hotels appeals to the varying complexity of modern and traditional hospitality design, systems that enhance the natural appearance as well as integrate practicality with opening elements. 

IQ’s dedicated team have worked on a wide variety of hospitality projects, using frameless and minimally framed glazing to enhance the advanced hospitality design and work with the newest commercial design trends.   

Two of our recent projects included frameless glass facades The Newt in Somerset and specialist glazing for a unique coastal hotel design in Dorset called Clifftops.  


Oversized structural glass façade The Newt Somerset

The Newt, Somerset 

Hadspen House in Somerset is a historic estate with breathtaking landscapes which has been transformed into ‘The Newt’ a luxury hotel and spa resort in Somerset which included the building of a new museum.  

The new museum, named The Story of Gardening Museum, is a great example of where glass facades were used to complement the surrounding elements. Frameless glass facades were used from ceiling to floor to conceal descending heights. Using oversized glazing for hotels in secluded areas calls for the consideration of how the design can implicate the natural surroundings 

Reaching an astounding height of nearly 5m, the frameless glass façade sits neatly from ceiling to floor allowing for the illusion of an uninterrupted eye line that did not distract from the natural surroundings.   

Large opening glass facade in holiday resort somerset

To achieve a coherent design, frameless glass facades as the seamless silicone joint provides the most minimal joint solution, the 30mm connections were designed with a specialist porcelain capping that blended into the exterior design of the space.  

The Newt was able to combine frameless glass facades and opening elements to create seamless transitions to multifunctional areas, this allows for the users to explore the space with no boundaries, something which is becoming an increasingly popular commercial design trend for hotels and hospitality projects.

Oversized, minimally framed sliding doors offer ease of access, especially as it uses full automation with a specialised base motor and sensor operation to allow smooth contact-free access.  

Another aspect of this luxury country house hotel design that IQ are currently working on is the addition of new meeting rooms. A number of meeting rooms will be engineered with bespoke single glazed, frameless glass partitions and frameless glass balustrades will be used for an extremely minimal design. 


bespoke glazing packages for Clifftops in DevonClifftops, Jurassic Coast, Dorset 

Clifftops is formed of a collection of five rustic holiday homes that have been built into the land which contains fossils and rocks from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods. The rustic holiday homes are positioned between two heritage-listed buildings on the UNESCO-protected land in Dorset, England.  

This biophilic, luxury holiday resort design in Dorset uses minimally framed sliding doors and structural glazing solutions to deliver clear and unobstructed views of the sea, with the ultra-slim sightlines of the sliding glass doors achieving this with ease.  Not only were the lodges designed not to disrupt the landscape but actually to completely merge, giving guests a unique experience. 

bespoke glazing for luxury coastal hotel design

Diverse in shape and style, the luxury lodges nestled into the historic cliffside were designed with varying levels and heights to compliment the complexity of the site.

The advanced combination of aluminium opening systems and frameless structural glass facades allows for the internal and external space to be merged, and when the doors are closed there is still a strong bond with the outdoors.  

The use of materials such as glass, aluminium, Portland stone and pre-painted copper created the perfect combination for the rural escape, set into a natural step in terrain the hones are covered in glass blending into the environmental surroundings. 


Adding highly glazed extensions and large glass elevations to hospitality buildings such as hotels has many benefits, with the main being the huge influx of natural light. Natural light has both mental and physical benefits for the hotel’s occupants as well and helping to make the interior spaces feel bigger.

IQ now have a dedicated South West Reginal Office based in Somerset to assist with projects in South West England. To discuss bespoke glazing for hotels for your next hospitality project, contact the team today. 

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