Modern Glazing at Morley College

IQ’s bespoke glazing solutions for educational College in London.  

IQ Projects designed and installed a high specification bespoke glazing package to central London college, Morley College. The proposal from Black Architecture includes the development of a suspended footbridge across King Edward Walk which would connect the main building to the visual arts block; as well as a new step-free entrance to the existing main entrance 

The brief of the refurbishment was to create maximum transformation through very minimal intervention, focusing on three key aspects: accessibility, usability, and visibility. The Architects studied how the College was used and observed the surrounding culture to create accessible spaces to increase the teaching and social environments. The bespoke glazing at Morley College included a number of bespoke engineered solutions to enhance the functionality and design of the education setting.  

Bespoke structural glazing was designed to create a display case for the main site of the education building, the display cabinet houses three large screens to showcase the latest news for Morley college as well as network connections for the college. The frameless structural glazing provided by IQ was specified with anti-reflective glass, to create the clearest finish regardless of whether the solution is single, double or triple glazed.  

The frameless effect fixed structural glass is comprised of 5 panes which were silicone jointed together to create the smallest profiles with concealed frames and the glass unit was bolted to internal steel to create the curved perforated impressions. The display case has black back-painted spandrels which were adhered over the bolts to conceal the fixing details and the glazing was also specified to be laminated with a toughened laminated inner layer, to create extra integrity for the bespoke glazing Morley college. 

The use of anti-reflective glass creates a much clearer finish to the glazing solution as well as creating a residual reflectance reduced by as little as 1%, in applications such as display cases, where clarity is paramount for the function of the space.  Anti-reflective glass is made from extra clear, low iron glass and is produced by dipping the low iron glass in different solutions of metal oxides, creating a coating on all faces of the glass that prevents visual reflectance. The bespoke glazing Morley college has transformed the educational setting, flooding the learning places with natural light for enhanced productivity 

To discuss bespoke glazing solutions for your next educational building project, contact the team at IQ today. 

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