Advantages of an Opening Glass Roof

IQ has a wide range of options when it comes to specifying an opening glass roof for non-residential projects. Whether you need to cover a large space and are looking for a retractable glass roof or need some ventilation and want to incorporate venting rooflight systems into your project, we have a solution for you. 

There are many advantages to incorporating an opening glass roof into your project, whether it’s for an educational building, hotel, restaurant, office or retail project. 


Opening Glass Roofs Increase Ventilation  

Ventilation has been a bit of a buzzword since the pandemic, with more architects seeking to incorporate opening glazing elements, such as opening glass roofs, into the building design.  

opening glass roof ober indoor-outdoor dining space

Approved document F of the UK Building Regulations outlines certain ventilation requirements for building other than dwellings, such as ventilation for restaurants and ventilation for offices.  

An excellent way to meet these requirements is by specifying an opening glass roof for ventilation. This may be in the form of an automated venting rooflight system, a sliding glass roof or a retractable glass roof 

All these systems would help to surpass the requirements for ventilation in non-residential projects, and IQ can manufacture solutions to meet what the architectural drawings state. 


Opening Glass Roofs Maximise Natural Light  

Multiple studies have proven that natural light has many benefits for humans, both mentally and physically. Not only can increased exposure to natural light help to boost productivity and reduce stress but it can also aid in improving sleep.  

hotel seating area with electric sliding glass roof

These benefits are vital for non-residential projects such as schools and workplaces, and a huge benefit for and space humans occupy.  

Natural light can also help spaces to appear bigger and highlight luxury interior design elements, so incorporating an opening glass roof into a hotel, church or restaurant means the influx of light can have a significant effect on the look and feel of interior spaces  



Create Indoor Outdoor Spaces with an Opening Glass Roof 

outside hotel dinig space with glass roof and walls

If this is a project based in the UK, it’s quite rare that the weather allows us to enjoy the outdoors. But when this day comes, being about to open up interior spaces and merge them with the outdoors can be a huge benefit to any non-residential building.

Being near nature can have a calming and relaxing effect on humans, and this even includes having views of the outdoors. This is part of biophilic design, which focuses on bringing the outdoors in and mimicking nature inside 

Our commercial glass roof systems can be specified in extremely large sizes, giving any commercial building the option of clear sky views without having to worry about the weather. 


Opening Glass Roofs Have an Extremely Flexible Design  

Not only do we have several opening glass roof systems, but each of these also come with its own set of design options. This includes frame finish, glass specification and decorative options such as glazing bars and decorative glass.  

opening glass roof over hotel swimming poolOur thermally broken frames can be finished in a polyester powder coating with a wide range of colours to choose from. Glazing options include low maintenance glass, low iron glass for ultra-clear sky views and solar control glass to prevent overheating in the internal spaces

Heated glass can also be incorporated in humid areas such as indoor pools to help prevent condensation build-up and ensure clear sky views at all times.  

Design options will vary depending on the system being specified. 


Opening Glass Roofs are Easily Operated  

indoor-outdoor bar design with retractable glass roof

All of IQ’s opening glass roofs are automated, allowing them to be easily controlled by a range of options. The systems can also be integrated with BMS in non-residential buildings. 

If this is not suited to your project, the systems can also be controlled via remote or by a rocker switch on the wall.  

This range of control options may vary slightly depending on whether you are looking for a retractable glass roof or a sliding opening rooflight. For more information, you can visit our glass roof page or just contact the team who will be happy to assist.  


electric sliding opening glass roof restaurant

Opening Glass Roof for Hotels  

For highly glazed hotel designs or the addition of a glass extension to a hotel, an opening glass roof is always an excellent addition. The connection to the outdoors can help customers to feel relaxed, and the ventilation the opening glass roof offers keeps the air inside the hotel fresh and odour free.

Gravetye Manor has been open as a hotel for over 60 years, and when extending their hotel, IQ’s slim framed sliding glass doors and sliding opening rooflight were specified. The M.A.R.S automated opening rooflight allows natural light to flow freely into the interior space. 


Opening Glass Roof for Restaurants  

The advantages of opening glass roofs are especially applicable for non-residential projects such as restaurants, where in the warmer months, most of the public want to be able to sit outside, relax, eat and drink in the sun. opening glass roof over restaurant dining space

By incorporating an opening glass roof into an existing restaurant design, ventilation is increased and the glazing system provides sky views for the diners below, as well as helping to maximise natural light.  

Alternatively, an outdoor seating space, that will likely be unusable in with cold and rainy months, can be enclosed in a glass extension with an opening glass roof.  

This means that in the winter months that outdoor space cannot be used as it will be protected from the winter weather, and in the summer the glazing and roof can be opened up, restoring the space to its original.  

An excellent example of this is the retractable glass roof that was installed at Exmouth Side Shore in South West England. The outdoor dining space of this beachfront restaurant and bar can now be used all year with no limitations.  


For more information on our opening glass roof systems, contact the IQ team today.  

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