Glazing For Golf Clubs

IQ glazing developments for golf club getaways and clubhouses.

Golf clubs now range from historical buildings to ultra-modern new builds all with quirks and features that benefit their members and visitors. Glazing for golf clubs ranges from the golf clubhouse to hotel and on-site retreats, all of which require various specifications and configurations of glass.

Glazing for Golf Clubhouses

For clubhouses glazing can vary from classical casement windows and doors with glazing bars for a more “traditional” look, to ultra slim sliding doors to create an open plan experience for guests. No matter the aesthetic of the golf club, the glazing specified and installed must perform to certain standards that will guarantee guest comfortability and security.

Golfing during the winter months (especially in the UK) is difficult. The cold weather, rain and higher winds make the sport harder to play and enjoy. This is why the golf clubhouse is such a large part of the game. After a lengthy round of golf, the clubhouse will need to be kept warm, dry and should resist the harsher weather of the winter. All glazing for golf clubs designed and installed by IQ ensure the highest possible thermal performance with double or triple glazing available. The aluminium frames also improve thermal performance and heat retention, our expert install team also will guarantee the systems are watertight and windproof.

Glazing For Golf Hotels and Getaways

While glass for clubhouses is important, many golf clubs are “resorts” where guests and members can stay overnight for a complete golf-focused getaway. Many of the guest rooms and retreats feature more complex, modern glazing such as ultra slim sliding doors and fixed structural glazing. Staying at a golf retreat often comes with a high price-tag which is why it is imperative that the glazing systems reflect luxury. Slim sliding doors allow for smooth opening out to a balcony or outdoor relaxation area. The sliding doors from IQ Projects also achieve U values of anywhere between 0.8 W/m2k – 1.1 W/m2k for heat retention inside of rooms. The systems also achieve security ratings that comply with PAS24 and can withstand high winds which may occur near coastal golf courses.


Glazing for golf clubs by IQ Projects

The Grove

The Grove is a premium hotel, spa, and golf resort located in Hertfordshire. IQ was contracted to design, produce, and install replacement aluminium casement windows and doors for the establishment. IQ assisted in converting the outdated Amber Suite into a functional modern area by installing new aluminium window and door frames in place of the worn-out, outdated timber ones.

Maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the old timber-framed doors was a key design consideration for the replacement windows and doors installed in the listed hotel, even with the new, contemporary aluminium framework. To achieve this, IQ created these aluminium doors with slender frames and integrated transom bars while preserving the classic door style.

glazing for golf clubsFeldon Valley

The North Cotswolds’ Feldon Valley is a four-star getaway situated in a breathtakingly beautiful natural setting. With an 18-hole golf course, a modern fine dining restaurant, and acres of picturesque countryside views from each of the 25 modern lodges, the hotel is the ideal destination for a rural escape.

Large interior screens, frameless structural glass, and slender framed sliding glass door systems were all part of the custom glazing solution created for the upscale hotel. The retreat makes use of expansive elevations with huge windows to maximise the views of the surroundings. Sleek sliding doors with fixed gable end windows above the opening parts are a common feature of contemporary lodges, enabling complete integration of the internal and outdoor spaces when the doors are opened. 

If you are in need of glazing for your next commercial project, don’t hesitate to contact the team here! 

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