Glazing for The Arts Centre at Sherborne Girls School

The girls school underwent a huge extension project to include a number of systems from IQ, geared towards creating a unique performing arts space.

Sherborne girl school, located in Dorset, created a dedicated arts centre within the school to expand the student’s quality of education. The arts centre, estimated at £6m, was noted as the school’s most ambitious development since being established in 1899. The use of glass has been proven to enhance general wellness as well as productivity, perfect for educational settings like this one.   

With a long-standing reputation of excellence and the title of ‘Best Public School’ in the Tatler School Awards, it was imperative for the arts centre to reflect the award-winning school standards. Morgan Sindall Construction was appointed alongside Architects Burrel Foley Fischer to build the arts centre, which will be used to host professional performances for the local community as well as educational functionality. The brief was to provide a building that can be considered a landmark within the grounds of the estate, both in design and purpose.   

The timber-clad exterior design blends effortlessly with the rural environment of North Devon, complementing the existing buildings across the grounds. One key aspect of the building design is the low dwelling of the structure, sitting low on the southward sloping grounds to ensure no views would become obstructed when the building was erected.

The architects specified a number of systems from IQ, to maximise and improve the natural light whilst managing sunlight. Oversized glass can be seen in the form of structural glazing, presenting a fully glazed façade design on one elevation. Within the building, multiple access points allow teachers, students, and visitors to access the arts centre from different points. This includes a set of slim framed sliding doors, boasting the ability to merge indoor and outdoor areas when the weather permits, as well as offering high levels of ventilation. Where large elevations of south-facing glazing were specified, brise soleil or pergolas were used to offer solar shading.   

IQ installed bespoke glazing solutions for this modern school building project, including minimally framed slim sliding doors. This glazing system is exclusive to IQ in the UK and has a vertical sightline of only 21mm; due to the minimal sightlines, the system does not obstruct the surrounding views or flow of natural light. These minimally framed sliding doors help to promote the mental and physical benefits that natural lighting creates.  

As this glazing system is sliding, the walls of glass can be swiped to the side to reveal an open aperture for the students to enjoy the fresh air and ensure adequate ventilation, which is an important factor for any communal space. As all IQ glazing solutions are manufactured with a low e coating as standard, this means that the systems achieve unparalleled levels of thermal efficiency, helping to maintain a comfortable internal temperature. 

Inside the centre, a foyer acts as a display space for students’ work. The addition of oversized glazing creates a brightly lit, welcoming communal space for students and teachers alike to gather. The café area on the first floor overlooks the school grounds, with uninterrupted views thanks to the glass walls.  

When specifying glazing for educational buildings, such as schools or university buildings, there are many factors that require careful consideration. Natural light, ventilation and comfortable temperatures are vital when creating effective learning spaces, and regulations for fire escape and safety need to be adhered to. 

High-quality glazing solutions were chosen, in keeping with the quality of the estate as a whole. The arts centre gives students the opportunity to thrive in an environment designed with creativity and productivity in mind. As the building ages, the glazing systems will remain intact thanks to the timeless minimal designs.

To discuss bespoke glazing solutions for your next education building project, contact the team at IQ today 

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