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IQ Projects offer full glazing packages for commercial architectural projects across the UK. From historical restoration projects to new luxury residential developments IQ design and install bespoke high-end architectural glazing products.

IQ design and install some of the most impressive architectural glass technologies available today. With several in-house fabrication facilities, IQ have the ability to oversee, not only the design and installation process, but also the manufacture of the aluminium glazing systems.


What we do


Your first point of contact will be our technical sales team. They will be able to answer any questions you have about the glazing on your project including design, cost and performance guidance. They will also be able to provide solutions and product suggestions for you to get the design, look and feel to the glazing design package that you require.

We work with you to incorporate our glazing solutions into your specification as a specialist glazing consultant. Use our draft NBS Specifications for our glazing to ensure that the right design is created. Alternatively why not take advantage of our NBS Specification service and get us to create your individual Glazing NBS Specification for your project and glazing.


What we do


As a partner and glazing consultant on your architectural project we are appointed along with your other building consultants. Once we are appointed we can start on the detailed glazing design and detailing.

Our in house team of expert CAD technicians will begin detailed drawings of the glass and glazing elements. Our detailed drawings show exactly how the glass will sit within the building, what the building interfaces will look like and show what our installers will provide and what is required of the contractor.

It is during the design phase that our in-house surveying team will visit site to finalise measurements and check access requirements.

These detailed design drawings can be incorporated into your larger architectural and construction drawings for a full working drawing of the building project.

Our design phase can take as long as you require to get the drawings and details exactly right. We recommend that you allow at least 4 weeks for this design phase although this can be longer if you require. Some projects that need specialist in depth design detailing early on in the project will complete the design drawings many months before the products are required on site. We are happy to work within your project schedule parameters for these detailed project requirements.

Once all design drawings, dimensions and details are approved you will then enter the next phase of the project.


What we do


When you are happy with the project design drawings you will be appointed a specific and dedicated contracts manager. Our in-house contract management team have many years of experience in managing and installing complex architectural glazing packages on some of the worlds most difficult sites.

They will be your point of contact for the entirety of your glazing project. They will organise installation, procurement and manufacturing of your glazing products. They will liaise with our factories and suppliers on your behalf and do everything required to make your glazing package and building project a success.

IQ have multiple dedicated factories based in the UK who are experts in their fields of fabrication and glazing processing. For more information about our glazing and systems factories please view Our Factories.

Your dedicated contracts manager will be responsible for the organisation and timeline of the glazing installation.


What we do


Our professional and highly trained installation teams are well versed at working on some of the world’s most prestigious and difficult building sites. You can be assured that our glazing technicians are professional, efficient and highly proficient glass installers. Their attention to detail is second to none amongst the architectural glazing community and really deliver a stunning glass installation for every project they work on.

Each installation team is fully stocked and supplied with every component they will need to make your glazing installation a success.

As well as technical expertise our glazing technicians also bring a wealth of experience in handling and moving complex glass elements through a building site. Kitted out with the latest in glass lifting and transportation equipment our installers are fully responsible for our glazing from delivery to installation.

Where does IQ Projects work?

South East England

IQ have been working as professional commercial glazing contractors for over 15 years. With the IQ headquarters being based just outside of London, the majority of our specialist commercial glazing projects have been in South East England, although over the last few years QI’s work around the UK has broadened.

Our portfolio includes designing and installing specialist glazing for office buildings, luxury residential developments, churches, schools and colleges, zoos, restaurants and more. 

IQ understand that each type of commercial project comes with its own sets of rules and requirements, and our experience and hard-working employees mean that we are able to offer glazing expertise and advice for any type of project. 

All commercial architectural glazing projects are managed from the IQ headquarters office in Amersham. 

South West England

IQ work all around the UK and internationally, and have completed a variety of non-residential projects in South West England. Some of the architectural glazings in the South West has included a 6m tall structural glass facade and bespoke oversized sliding doors for The Story of Gardening Museum in Somerset. 

As well as museums, IQ have also worked designing and installing specialist glazing for luxury hotels and resorts in locations such as the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. 

When Exeter Catherdral needed a new specialist glass entrance design, IQ were the first choice thanks to our years of expertise working on and designing glazing for ecclesiastical building projects. 

Working in all areas of non-residential, offices are also in our extensive portfolio. One of IQ’s earlier projects, Great George Street, specified IQ to deisng and installed a large structural glass atrium in the modern office in Bristol, as well as fire-rated glazing.

Not forgetting specialist glazing for school and universities, IQ have provided bespoke glazing for The Arts Centre at Sherborne Girls School. 

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Across the midlands regions of the UK, IQ have worked on a wide range of unique and complex non-residential projects. This includes specialist heated glazing at Twycross Zoo, which was specified to prevent condensation on the glass walls of the cafeteria area. 

We have also worked alongside architects on a number of luxury residential apartments and developments. Recently, IQ have been specified for a luxury residential development in Tamworth, providing minimally framed glazing solutions for the new homes. 

For projects in the hotel and hospitality sector, IQ have a number of slim framed and frameless glazing solutions that can offer the spaces clear views of the outdoors whilst helping to maximise natural light. Feldon Valley is a 4 star retreat based in an area of outstanding natural beauty in the North Cotswolds, and IQ Projects worked on the glazing at this expansive hotel and resort in the rural area of the Midlands. 

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Northern England

Further North in the UK, IQ’s portfolio includes extremely complex projects such as the Tombole Headquarters in Sunderland, where the building design was highly glazed and used electrochromic glass, a dynamic glazing solution that is ideal for preventing solar gain and solar glare.

In Manchester IQ’s project The Gem, which was shortlisted for the GGP Installer Awards 2022, utilised a bespoke facade made from structural glazing, stainless steel and oak veneer. This installation was extremely complex and due to the unique, puzzle0like design of the facade, each piece had the be installed in the right order and not a millimetre out of place. 

Other commercial glazing projects in the North of England include work at Chester Zoo and ecclesiastical projects with specialist glazing necessary for the delicate nature of the buildings. 

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Each country has its own set of regulations when it comes to building design, meaning that England, Wales and Scotland’s building regulations will have variations from one another. Luckily IQ’s experience working all over the UK allows us to be able to advise on glazing that will meet specific project requirements. 

Having been specified to provide specialist glazing for a primary school in Cardiff and a coastal Restaurant in Pembrokeshire, IQ are well versed in the logistics of working around Wales. 

We are currently working on-site on a wide range of projects around Wales, including designing glazing for a prestigious art gallery in Gwynedd. 

Other popular locations where IQ have been specified include along the Welsh Coast from Abersoch to Tenby, supplying marine-grade glazing for coastal projects.

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With the new trend of Whiskey Bars on the rise, IQ are currently working on a project in Glasgow City centre, designing a bespoke glazing package for a luxury whiskey bar at a high-end hotel.

Scotland has slightly different building regulations than England, but luckily IQ’s experience working all over the UK allows us to be able to advise on glazing that will meet specific project requirements. 

Utilising IQ’s wide range of glazing solutions we can create bespoke glazing packages that are tailored to suit each projects design requirements, no matter how grand or complex.


IQ now have a dedicated international division, working on non-residential projects, around the world including luxury hotels and resorts in locations such as the Caribbean and Belgium. For more information head to our IQ International website.

If you would like more information about what it is like to work with IQ or our expertise just get in touch with the team who will be happy to answer any questions you have.