90 And 120 Minute Fire Rated Glass Options

What fire rated glazing options are available for 90 or 120 minute fire requirements?  

In the United Kingdom all commercial building owners are obliged to install fire rated doors throughout the property to ensure they are in line with Approved Document B. Fire rated glazing must be fully tested to ensure its safety and capability to withstand any size of fire outbreak within a building.  

It is important to note that due to weight restrictions, max sizes, and functionality, not all systems can be rated EI120. IQ can achieve an EI120 rating for fixed glazing only. This is due to door hinges not being able to hold the weight of glazing which is rated at EI120.  

The fire rating that is required for any glass installation will be determined by building control. This will be decided based on many real life factors of the building including size, escape routes, capacity and the use of the building.  

For instance, glazing around an air traffic control workspace will need to be designed to protect the occupants from fire for the duration it will take to transfer all their planes to an alternative air traffic control centre as well as then evacuate the building. These fire ratings are always looked at holistically for individual areas of a building.  

fire rated glazing options

Options for EI90 Fire Rated Glazing  

EI90 fire rated glass products are used where building control have determined that 90 minutes is required for safe evacuation from the building.  

Steel Framed Fire Rated Glass Doors
fire rated glazing options for steel doors

An essential component of every commercial building’s safety is the integration of fire-rated doors, which safeguard important entry points and escape routes. The steel framed fire-rated doors in IQ’s collection are made to guarantee that these safety requirements are fulfilled while providing adaptable, custom designs to accommodate various project specifications. 

Depending on how long fire protection is to be guaranteed for, fire-rated steel frames and fire-rated glass can result in a fire rating of EI30, E160, or EI90.

fire rated glazing optionsSteel Framed Fire Rated Glass Facades

For a complete fire-rated facade with integrity and insulation testing, IQ Glass provides steel facade solutions that are fire-rated. Fire ratings range from E30 to El90. These fire-rated facades feature elegant steel frames with an Art Deco influence, all while providing strong fire protection.

With framing sections as small as 50mm, these slim steel components are specifically made for a fire-rated facade. Fire safety is discreetly and carefully implemented by this sturdy, yet slim, facade system. A wide variety of structural options are available with the fire-rated facade system to create glazed facades with an infinite width and up to 5 metres in height.

Hardwood Timber Fire Rated Glass Doors
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Timber doors are steadily being specified more as the architectural trend shifts towards using more sustainable materials. Timber systems are naturally fire-resistant, this is because the exterior timber will char first before catching on fire. Many fire rated hardwood systems will feature a charred finish which acts as insulation, therefore delaying the onset of heating the interior layers of the timber. 

Timber framed glazing systems are naturally heavier than steel systems, this is something to take into account when specifying fire rated timber systems as you will need to ensure that the doors are easily operable in the event of a fire. 

fire rated glazing options Fire Rated Glass Partitions and Facades 

Steel framed or frameless designs are available for the fire-rated screens from IQ. This gives projects the option to produce a modern, minimalist design or a conventional, industrial style feel. Including glazed partitions in a commercial building guarantee that even vast spaces are filled with natural light all day, regardless of the final design decision made.

The overall level of fire resistance will rise with the number of layers. Glass partitions can be selected to give between 30 and 120 minutes of integrity (protection from flames and smoke) and insulation (barrier against the heat), depending on the needs of the project. 

Case Study: Wolverine2023 june wolverine edited 18 1 scaled

One of IQ Projects’ most recent commercial projects, Wolverine, has a wide range of interior glazing screens for dividing workspaces and showrooms. The internal fixed glazing had an EI120 rating to ensure that in the event of a fire, the employees and visitors have ample time to use fire exits and get to safety while the fire is retained by an internal separation wall. 

Fire rated glazing features throughout the project and ensures that the building in compliant with building regulations.


fire rated glazing optionsCase Study: Pennybank 

Pennybank is another bespoke, modern office space with various fire rated systems.

A meeting room area is divided by a fixed glass screen, and the bespoke glazing bar designs blend in perfectly with the metal-framed furniture. Building regulations required the fixed glass screen to be fire rated, in addition to this, fire-rated glass doors were required in order to produce a highly glazed appearance and a safe space in the case of a fire.

If you have any questions regarding our fire rated systems, contact the team here today! 

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