Aluminium Systems for Modern Architectural Designs

How to push the boundaries with aluminium systems for innovative architectural designs

There is a multitude of ways to create a unique building design, this is particularly important in commercial settings where challenging the norm can be used to reflect the company or brand housed within the building.

At IQ we have a number of aluminium systems that are highly adaptable and flexible, designed to challenge traditional glazing methods and create innovative designs. Our systems have a wide range of configuration options and we are always eager to sink our teeth into a new challenge, requiring our systems to be developed or used in new ways to gain bespoke results.  

Create an impact with structural glazing


Structural glazing knows no boundaries, the beauty of this method is its adaptable nature, different shapes and styles can be achieved. Structural glazing is often preferable over traditional façades or fixed systems, due to its structure, concealed framework and ability to deliver completely frameless results. IQ can manufacture impressive sizes of up to 9-metre tall panes of glass for striking results that can be used in structural installations and sliding door/window systems. 

Curved structural glass can be achieved, as well as unusual shapes, using our in-house developed thermally broken structural glazing system, Invisio. The Invisio system has been developed by IQ, creating fluid connections from indoors to outdoors and presenting the ability to engineer highly insulated glass walls.


Our aluminium systems use fully thermally broken framing profiles, achieving impressive Uw values, to ensure the systems are high performing. Having a thermally broken system that exceeds required Uw values set by building regulations adds value to a building both now and in the future, as well as contributing to lower heating costs due to its ability to effectively keep the heat in through the colder months and reduce the heat gain during warmer months.

Corner to corner glazing is a great way to welcome an abundance of natural light, perfect for offices and gallery spaces, as well as offering a touch of luxury to residential developments. For fixed installations, structural glass can be used for a frameless design. When a moving element is required, aluminium framed sliding doors from minimal windows® can be configured in a corner opening configuration, sliding to reveal a large open aperture.

Pushing the boundaries with oversized glazing

oversized structural glazing applications

Glass is a common method of creating a welcoming atmosphere, with its transparent nature and light, bright capabilities. Oversized glass can make a bold statement whilst offering functionality and increasing productivity in office environments. Any of our glazing products can be manufactured in large sizes, with sliding doors being a popular choice for very tall entrances.

One of our recently completed projects featured 5 metre tall sliding doors, automated for ease of use and invisibly blending with the fixed glazing when closed. A glass roof structure could be incorporated to offer sky views in luxury locations, with bespoke finishes and technical glazing solutions such as acoustic sound reduction glass available if required in urban areas.

Often commercial buildings strive to make excellent first impressions, using an oversized glazing system or unique entrance design can be a huge contributor in making a memorable first impression. The framing profiles of our aluminium systems can be powder coated in any RAL colour, whether the desired look is seamlessly merging with surrounding materials or creating a dramatic contrast.

When using slim aluminium sliding door systems, no matter the size, slim sliding windows can be used as window systems for a coherent design. Offering ventilation and functionality, the window systems can be powder coated in an exact match to the doors, for commercial settings where symmetry and attention to detail are imperative. Where slim sliding systems are used on levels above the ground floor, a glass balustrade can be integrated, creating a modern Juliet balcony system.  

Frame the view with frameless glass balustrades

Aluminium Systems for Modern Architectural Designs

Frameless glass balustrades are an elegant way of offering a safety or hygiene barrier whilst retaining the transparent aesthetic and not detracting from any views or focal points. Using glass as a balustrade allows the natural light to flow through the installation, which is key to maintaining bright, open layouts.

Another use for glass balustrades is to create modern staircases, particularly in the current day when the use of stairs over lifts and elevators is encouraged. Modern office designs could also incorporate glass balustrades as partitions to separate working areas for a broken plan layout. Internal glass screens or partitions are becoming increasingly popular as the broken plan office trend rises, providing employees with safe and hygienic working areas.

Glass screens or partitions inside commercial spaces can have integrated technology such as switchable privacy glass, adding the functionality of privacy when required in the working environment.

Balustrades can also be used to encompass roof terrace and balcony spaces, offering a secure yet almost invisible solution. When used on a sky terrace or high rise building, glass balustrades are barely visible from ground level, frequently adding to minimalistic designs.

featured a glass box extension on the top floor, leading to a terraced area with views of London’s skyline. The combination of glazed elements here creates a luxury rooftop deck, attracting sunshine and socialising in the warmer months.

large structural glazing

Luxury coastal glazing for Clifftops

Clifftops holiday resort in the southwest uses bespoke aluminium systems such as minimally framed sliding doors and structural glazing solutions to deliver clear and unobstructed views of the sea.

IQ supplied and installed Invisio, our in-house developed commercial hotel glazing systems, to grant uninterrupted views of the coastline from within the lodges. Invisio+ was developed and used here to allow triple-glazed units to maintain the most minimal, frameless finish. 

Find out more about this specialist coastal project here.

With the IQ headquarters being based just outside of London, most of our specialist commercial glazing projects have been in Southeast England, although over the last few years QI’s work around the UK has broadened. With regional offices now covering all regions of the country, there are specialist consultants who will be able to assist you with your commercial project specifications and requirements on a regional basis.  

Find out more about our regional offices here.


To talk to us about incorporating our specialised aluminium systems into your commercial project, contact the IQ team today. 

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