The IQ Projects Ultimate Guide to Fire Rated Glass

An Overview of Fire Rated Glass

IQ Projects has a wide variety of fire rated glass systems that can be adapted to any commercial or residential project. Fire rated glazing can be specified to withstand exposure to flames for 30,60,90 or 120 minutes to ensure that building regulations are met and followed.

Large-scale building designs must include both fire-resistant and fire-safe glazing. In specific parts of a building, using fire-rated glass is crucial for both occupant protection in the case of a fire emergency and building defence.

In order to ensure that we produce a completely secure fire-rated installation, all fire-rated glazing, fire-rated fixings, and any accompanying frameworks will need to be taken into consideration as a single unit. The type of fire rated glazing may differ from glazing for high-rise buildings to glazing for University developments. 

Savile Row Fire Rated Glass

How Does Fire Rated Glazing Work?

In the event of a fire, the heat from the flames will shatter the outer layer of glass, but the intumescent layer will keep the fragmented pane in place. After that, these layers quickly expand to create insulation, which lowers the amount of heat the fire radiates into the nearby rooms and aids in preventing smoke from entering the covered fire escape routes through the opening. While a fire breaks out, some fire-rated glass intumescent layers become opaque, preventing light from passing through the glass. This might lessen people’s anxiety while they evacuate the building.

How is Fire Rated Glass Tested?

ASTM E119: Standard procedures for fire testing building materials and structures

NFPA 80: Governs the construction and upkeep of openings in walls, floors, and ceilings that provide fire protection.

NFPS 252: Fire Door Systems Standard

NFPA 257: The standard for fire-rated window assemblies, glass block, and other light-transmitting assemblies.

The IBC mandates that glazing that is rated for fire protection and glazing that is rated for fire resistance must have a permanent label that includes a variety of information. These labels clearly state the name of the product, its essential features, and its adherence to impact safety regulations. The test standard numbers have been replaced with letters. The IBC made these changes to aid in more effectively matching product and application. A product will display numerous letter designations if it has been tested to multiple standards.

IQ Fire Rated Glass Systems

fire rated glassFire Rated Glass Partitions

With its extremely customizable selection of fire-rated glazing, IQ Projects offers a great deal of creative freedom. Large, glazed elevations can be created as part of a light-filled commercial area using fixed fire-rated glass dividers that yet adhere to crucial fire safety standards.

Steel framed or frameless designs are available for the fire-rated screens from IQ. This gives projects the option to produce a modern, minimalist design or a conventional, industrial-style feel. Including glazed barriers into a business project guarantees that even vast areas are flooded with natural light throughout the day, increasing the welfare and productivity of both customers and employees, regardless of the final design decision.


Fire rated door and steel glazing installed in Ropemaker StreetFrameless Fire Rated Doors

IQ Projects’ frameless fire rated door has a simple, modern design that meets strict safety requirements. The style is an excellent choice for both internal and external fire doors because of the hidden outer frames, which provide a frameless appearance and guarantee that natural light may pass through vast business spaces without interruption.

The fire-rated doors can be arranged in a variety of ways to meet the requirements of every project; these include openings incorporated into larger fire-rated glass façades and single or double doors. This adaptability makes it possible to design simple, light-filled office spaces.


ropemaker street iqproject 4 1 scaledFire Rated Steel Doors

A variety of opening configurations, such as single or double opening doors, are available for the steel door system. Additionally, door sets can be incorporated with above glazing and fixed sidelights, or they can be part of a large glass façade that is fire-rated. This adaptability makes it possible to design simple, light-filled office spaces.

When used as an external escape door, the steel fire-rated doors can be manufactured with thermally broken frames, or non-thermally broken for internal fire doors. Additional customization of the frame head is also possible to provide various arched door designs.


fire rated glass atriaFire Rated Glass Atria

A crucial component of luxury commercial buildings’ designs are atriums. The architecture of the atrium, which greets guests as soon as they enter the building, is crucial in establishing the atmosphere and personality of the entire structure. Atria are often multi-story buildings with a glass roof and large windows that let in natural light and space but also have significant design and safety considerations.

When creating an atrium, fire control is an essential consideration. Due to the large area, a fire might quickly spread throughout the building by reaching the top stories. This is why the Atrium must be fire rated

Fire rated glass atria is also very similar to fire rated glass ceilings, you can see more on glass ceilings for commercial projects here!

See our 90- and 120-minute fire rated systems here. Only certain types of glazing systems can achieve such high fire resistance so it is worth exploring the options that will allow your project to adhere to building regulations.

external glass for for lift shaft glazing scaled 1Fire Rated Lift-Lobby Glazing

The IQ fire-rated glazing is perfect for usage in modern high-rise commercial buildings’ landing doors, lift shafts, and lobby areas. Elevator lobbies and stairwells are critical places, and fire safety codes require the use of fire-resistant glass doors and screens for access and escape routes.

Choosing glass dividers and lift lobby doors is a great approach to designate light-filled commercial spaces. Fire-rated structural glazing can be included into lift designs to provide fully glazed lift shafts and doors, as well as into external entrance doors and facades to let natural light into the room.

Other Questions Regarding Fire Rated Glass.

How to Tell if Glass is Fire Rated

Fire rated glass will contain a small stamp etched into the glazing to indicate that it is fire rated. This is usually the manufacturer logo and fire performance rating in a small circle. If you specify fire rated glazing systems, then the glass supplier should ensure that they manufacture and produce the glazing to the specified resistance rating in confidence.

Is BS EN 14449 Glass Fire Rated?

BS EN 14449 glass indicates that the glazing is laminated, but not necessarily fire rated. Laminated glass offers a layer of protection if the glazing shatters but does not offer a certified fire rating. Fire rated glass can be laminated, and fire rated which is why you may see the BS EN 14449 stamp of glass systems.

Are Glass Blocks Fire Rated?

Glass blocks offer a natural fire resistance of 45 minutes and are usually manufactured for commercial use. Glass blocks were very popular in the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s when building warehouses and large office buildings. They have since been replaced by large structural glazing or glazing with glazing bars for a more traditional look.

Is Georgian Wired Glass Fire Rated?

Although wired glass is approved for fire protection for up to 45 minutes, it is not safety glass. Glass with embedded wire is weaker and more likely to break. At a modest impact of 100 feet per pound, or the force of a small child, breaking happens. The wire can snare a child’s hand or leg if it falls through easily shattered wired glass, causing serious injury.  Although wired glass was declared illegal in 2006, it is still accessible in certain situations with surface-applied safety film.

If you require fire rated glazing, or have any questions regarding fire rated systems, contact the team here.

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