Using Glazing to Maximise Office Developments

An IQ Projects Overview of Using Glazing in Office Developments

With many of the workforce returning to office life after the 2021 Covid-19 pandemic, it has been apparent that many offices across the world require a modernization to both improve its workforce efficiency and to solidify the company’s future in having the workforce on-site instead of at home.

When completing office developments, there are several main focuses that heavily influence the design of the exterior and interior of the building.

The three main focuses are commonly:

  • Providing a comfortable and enjoyable space for employees
  • Allowing a great deal of light and airflow into the building
  • Ensuring that the office space is 100% safe.

With these focus points in mind, modern office developments will often feature a great deal of external and internal glazing to both provide light into the building and adhere to building safety regulations.

Savile Row Rooftop Extension Using External Glazing in Office Developments

 During office developments and renovations, external glazing will often be integrated to either create new windows, or replace the existing windows that may be outdated and lacking in both looks and thermal performance. From large structural glazing to casement windows, there is a great range of systems available from IQ Projects to suit the project needs.

One of our favourite office developments featuring bespoke external glazing is Pentonville Road. This project has a wrap-a-round reflective façade that has modernized the building while also providing thermal efficiency and privacy. The reflective coating was applied as adjacent to the office block was a larger building with a clear view down onto Pentonville Road in Kings Cross, London.

Integrating Internal Glazing into Office Developments

Internal glazing within office developments is becoming evermore popular with architects and designers as it offers an unintrusive separation option to segment different office spaces will still gaining the benefit of natural light.

Internal glazing can feature a wide range of systems that can serve different purposes. Internal sliding doors can be used for access and to open large rooms, Pivot doors are great solutions for hallway doors and meeting room entrances. Structural partitions can provide privacy and separation to suitable areas and pocket doors will be used for meeting room doors, head office entrances, kitchen doors or anywhere else that the architect sees fit.

IQ Projects Existing Office Developments

office developments wolverineWolverine

Wolverine is a highly unique office development project in which IQ designed and installed various interior glazing systems to create the ideal office and showroom space for an American footwear company. The Wolverine London office features several mock “shoe-store showrooms” that showcase the brands and shoes that Wolverine work with. For these showrooms, the minimal windows slim sliding doors in an open corner configuration were installed to provide a large, inviting opening.

Across the office space, various glazed partitions have been installed with the goal of separating various departments and increasing privacy while still allowing natural light to pass throughout the office. A handful of the partitions have been installed with reeded glass to further the level of privacy in certain areas.


Chart Street StudiosChart Tree Studios. Office Developments

IQ had an opportunity to work with on this very significant architectural glass project in London’s Hoxton.

The new floor level’s main goal was to give its users a workshop and studio area that promotes cooperation. This was accomplished by designing the floor as a flexible, column-free space with four rows of IQ-provided, 10-meter-long, north-facing windows. An environment that is well-lit and stimulating is created by the thoughtful arrangement of windows, which is essential to this London glazing project.


Pennybank Office development Pennybank

After extensive renovation, this mixed-use commercial building now has a number of retail spaces on the lower levels and upscale office space at the top. As part of the renovation, a roof extension was built, increasing the usable space and bringing in an abundance of natural light to the sixth level.

The roof expansion has a sizable faceted glass wall made of straight glass panes arranged at an angle to produce the faceted effect. Large structural glass panes were used, with structural silicone sandwiched between the panes to provide a weathertight seal with the least amount of disruption to the building’s general design. Casement doors set into the glass wall open to a wraparound terrace with views of London.


Indigo Houseindigo house credit wimshurst pelleriti architects 12

This three-story office building in the centre of London underwent extensive renovations to create an opulent, well-lit workspace with a variety of commercial office glass components.

Since natural light is crucial for productivity in work settings, the interior areas have to be rich with it. The ground floor glass box addition of the building has been modified to increase the amount of usable office space. In keeping with the building’s original attractiveness, two of the internal walls within the glass box addition are still made of conventional brick.


180212 derwent 25savilerow 122 1Savile Row

For one of the top real estate development firms in London’s Savile Row, IQ Projects finished the entire glazing package. Since the refurbished business space is located in London’s exclusive Mayfair area, superior design and meticulous attention to detail were essential throughout. In close collaboration with Piercy & Co Architecture, IQ Projects produced striking examples of contemporary architectural glazing, such as glass rooftop additions that offer amazing views of London and ample amenity space.

IQ completed a wide range of architectural glazing projects throughout the Savile Row expansion. These specialised glazing systems featured custom architectural metalwork, ultramodern disappearing facades with minimal windows, classic steel art deco Mondrian® Windows and Doors, and opulent welded steel room divider screens.


Ropemaker StreetFire rated door and steel glazing installed in Ropemaker Street

Basha Franklin Architects converted Ropemaker Street into a lively office complex with expansive glass panels that provide ample natural light for each employee’s desk. The clients wanted to design areas where staff members would feel more appreciated and productive as a result.

Because the building is in a prime location that overlooks Canary Wharf and the City of London, the client wanted to take advantage of the amazing views. IQ created a variety of glass systems that precisely framed these views. Well-lit conference and meeting rooms were the consequence of abundant natural light entering the office areas through large glass elevations.

The remaining commercial office developments can be seen here!

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