Tour of IQ’s Commercial Architectural Glazing in London

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Architectual glazing in London

London is well known for being one of the most architecturally diverse cities in the world, filled with an eclectic range of architecture from ultra-modern gothic to art deco and post-war modernism.   

As the UK’s leading architectural glazier, IQ has been lucky enough to work on some of the city’s most famous and interesting architectural gems.  

Come with us as we take an IQ Architectural tour of London and revisit some of our favourite projects. 

Covent Garden 

Somerset House somerset house

Somerset House used specialist IQ glazing to preserve and showcase some of the histories of the Central London building. Structural glass floors were specified for the Archaeology room in the Somerset house, the clear glass floor demonstrates some of the original foundations of the Tudor House which were found in the refurbishment. Ceramic fritted patterns have been applied to the surface of the structural glass floor for slip resistance, ensuring staff and visitors’ safety, even when the surface has become wet.  

Due to Somerset house being prolific for its seasonal events, it’s a great place to go and see, especially with specialist glazing designed and installed by IQ Projects.  

Located on the central and district line, Somerset House is easily accessible, through London public transport links.  

rohRoyal Opera house 

IQ designed a series of bespoke single-glazed sliding partitions to protect the external eating area from the elements whilst maintaining all views out over the courtyard. The upper floor restaurants and bars were home to other various IQ glazing solutions, a Bespoke structural glass roof system was designed to enclose a small space to protect from the exterior weather while allowing light to bleed in from above.  


Peloton floral street 3 1

This project was part of a wider scheme to transform Floral Street into a bustling main shopping thoroughfare. ​IQ Projects worked closely with Knight Harwood architects to design and implement purposeful glazing which complements the exterior and interior design for the Peloton flagship store. ​The refurbishment of the Peloton flagship store in the west end features bespoke large glazing elements, featuring a fully glazed double opening entrance door with the most minimal sightlines in the industry. ​ 


coptic streetCoptic street 

IQ Projects was commissioned to create decorative floor lights to the rear of the Central London building. The decorative floor lights were installed to transfer the light from the street down into the building below, the bespoke floor lights were specified to have aa kiln formed ripple pattern for decorative and safety reasons; these dynamic patterns on the floor light creates slip resistance which is essential for any floor glazing. 


Rathbone place rathbone

The refurbishment of Rathbone place featured the installation of IQ’s minimally framed slim sliding door solution as well as various other slim sightline glazing solutions. Structural glass was installed to create a floor-to-ceiling glass façade in the office, providing views of the reception area downstairs. An auto venting rooflight was installed to provide even more natural light into the stairwell in the building. 



6St. Ermin’s hotel  

St Ermin’s hotel is located in the prestigious area of Westminster in London and is situated at the end of a tree-lined courtyard, which served as a carriageway and gardens for guests.​ 

The prestigious hotel specified two elegant bronze pivoting doors for the entrance of the hotel to create a striking entrance design as guests enter the building. These automated doors are a part of a draft lobby, which also includes IQ frameless glass doors with decorative manifestations to match the interior design of St Ermins hotel. ​ 


Castle lane 7

The development is in close proximity to the Victoria Transport Hub, providing access to the West End as well as fast national and international links. These luxury residences are each individually created to bespoke specifications providing an extremely high level of luxury and individuality, the main feature of this glazing package was the large, curved glass windows that were installed in each apartment.  

Alongside curved glass windows, aluminium casement doors were installed in each residence with a frameless glass balustrade for a protective barrier when the door is open. 


Education First 

The renovation of Education First’s London office saw the installation of various frameless and minimally framed glazing systems, both internally and externally, for a modern architectural design. The new glazing design combined with a refreshed interior design including a feature staircase, new reception desk and new furniture throughout the offices and café provide the EF office with a sophisticated look and feel 


Rosemoor studios9

The building was in Chelsea and in the heart of the conservation area, therefore, special care was taken by the architects to keep the building in context. The new build featured a large glazing package of aluminium windows and doors, which had been specified due to the high quality and performance values. The glazing solutions were coated with specialist bronze Powdercoating which both encompassed the luxury design of the building and worked well with the light external palette of the building. 



10Old Spitalfields markets 

The IQ Projects team designed and installed the steel-framed doors and steel-framed windows in the units, which were configured in cubic structures to create an angular and uniform profile. Slim steel glazing bars adhered to the double-glazed window and door panels, which created an elegant cross-hatched effect. The resulting overall aesthetic seamlessly integrates with the industrial style of the original market building.   

The refurbishment was completed in 2018, cementing Spitalfields’ position as one of London’s most vibrant and eclectic shopping destinations for Londoners. 



Tower vaults 11

IQ projects designed and installed a glass box extension to a listed building in central London, located parallel to the Tower of London. The specification for this project was to create a completely transparent look, expanding the space of this coffee house using 5m long structural glass beams in low iron glass: This streamlined finish has been increased using frameless glass throughout the installation, maximizing the natural light as well as providing incredible London views 


Outer London 

12Uni of Westminster 

IQ Projects designed and installed contemporary new atria in the University of Westminster in London. The university is complemented with a contemporary frameless glass box flooding the space with natural light. This offers an inviting space for people to enter the bright, light-filled room. The whole glazing package was expertly curated and designed by the experts at IQ Projects to ensure the design exactly met the client’s requirements. 


Treacle factory 

The Old Treacle Factory in West London underwent a major refurbishment where IQ Projects installed a combination of structural glass solutions and minimally framed sliding glass doors. The slim sliding glass doors create the ideal opening for ventilation. The slim framing of all structural glass installed on this project has maximised the natural light intake into the top floor of this building. 

Wigmore street  13

IQ projects supplied and installed a full glass façade to this commercial office project, using oversized structural glazing with minimal 10mm butt joints to create a virtually frameless system. Using the largest structural glass panes available helps to maximise the natural light intake into the building. The building designs also include a glazed revolving door and two disabled entrances that are fully automated 



14Red Church street 

This hospitality project was carried out by IQ Projects with specialist glazing solutions to aid the natural light infill into the three retail stores on Red Church Street. Various aluminium glazing solutions were chosen for this storefront development due to the glazing providing the only natural light to enter the property, as well as being fully openable elements: By opening the space 

customers feel more welcome and are more enticed to enter the shop than if the front elevation was completely closed off. 




Pentonville road 15

This bespoke glazing package can be seen clearly from any angle from the street below, located on the corner of Kings Cross the specialist glazing is recognisable due to the specialist coatings on the glazing. The Scheme designed by HÛT Architecture was a part of a larger scheme to redesign Pentonville road. IQ Projects designed and installed reflective glass cladding to the new floor of the Pentonville Road office building. These highly reflective structural glass panels reflect the surrounding environments, blending the added floor into the skyline. 


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